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I had called to make an appointment for a psychic reading, tarot cards or palm reading. I hadn't made my mind up. I made a same day appointment and she was waiting for me when I got there.

There was a deck of cards all fanned out and she assumed I wanted a tarot reading. I said that was fine then she said well here are my prices. $95.00!!!! I felt pressured almost because she had the cards all ready.(my fault)

My reading began, i wanted to know some things about a relationship. She asked what had happened? (she should know) Didn't pick up on the fact I had two children. She had me split the deck of cards. Usually that means some of the cards pertain to you and others not so much. She flipped over every card. So I don't see how they were significant to me. She proceeded to tell me how depressed I was and lost and how I needed help and spiritual guidance...........I knew I was screwed. She could help me but it would cost me money with medication and buying candles. I said no. I wanted a reading not a commitment.

I had five 20's on me and guess what!!! "I don't have any change she says". Not only did she charge me way to much for a reading. There was no accuracy to what she said and she treated an already upset client like a depressed mess just to try and get more money. Never in my life have a met a psychic who had no ability and no morals.

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #661624

I guess she used her powers to see you coming from a few miles away.

REALLY?!?! You spend your hard earned money on this nonesense?

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #661605

if she told you the price upfront and you did"t like it why would you get the reading , your a joke you came to her and she told you the price so!!! why are you upset ..amazing

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